Area of Expertise

Computer gaming is an activity that is of interest to all sections of population regardless of age, sex, ethnicity or country of origin. It takes people into a world of fantasy, hones motor skills, broadens analytical behavior and finally is a source of pure, unadulterated fun and enjoyment. With so many positives, it is but natural that our blog site is one place that will capture the imagination and interest of all our visitors.

Before going into the goals and objectives of our site and what it really is all about, here is a snapshot of our team of bloggers who are constantly searching for the latest news, information and updates so that you are aware of the recent happenings and products from the world of gaming.

Each writer is passionate about gaming and has an in-depth knowledge of this industry. Extensive research is carried out by all of us to know about new product launches and updates and existing product modifications. Every aspect is double checked to ensure that what we bring to our readers is high on authenticity and reliability.

Along with gaming and its various sides, video games consoles especially PlayStations are our special area of interest. We will bring you interesting anecdotes and little known facts about this console.

For example, few know that developing the PlayStation by Sony was a result of a disputed contract with Nintendo and its subsequent cancellation. Nintendo which had games on cartridge had a contract with Sony to develop CD-ROM that could simultaneously run compressed audio, video, graphics and data. However, Nintendo opted out of the contract and signed a new one with Philips Electronics for the same product. That deal later fell through.

Sony went ahead with development of a CD-ROM gaming console and in partnership with third party games publishers launched PlayStation in Japan in 1994 and in North America and Europe in 1995.

Subsequent versions of PlayStations have since then been launched by Sony with newer and technologically advanced features. Our goal is it to bring those passionate about gaming and PlayStations all the info and news there is on this subject.